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Welcome to my website

I’m delighted to announce the publication of my latest novel ‘The Pragashini-Smuts Conspiracy’ by Paloma Books. The book is the sequel to my first novel ‘The Pragashini-Smuts Affair’ and ties up lose ends and unanswered questions from the first book. Both titles are now available to buy from Amazon, along with my collection of short stories ‘Jesus is Indian’, which is now in its 3rd edition. Just click on any of the jacket images above for more information and links to Amazon.

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Mary Silenced. Mary Erased. Mary Rejected.

Mary Silenced. Mary Erased. Mary Rejected and Roman Catholics A Perspective by Agnes Sam © Agnes Sam 2016 In an earlier post on my website www.agnessam.com I wrote ‘The Roman Catholic Church and the Ordination of Women’.That post related to my understanding of the difference between Faith, Belief and Practice (or Procedure). It described changes … Continue Reading »

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