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Lauretta Ngcobo: Grace and Passion

LAURETTA NGCOBO: GRACE and PASSION © Agnes Sam 2015 Lauretta Nozizwe Ngcobo, Novelist, Essayist, Editor, Teacher, Member of the Provincial Legislature, died in Johannesburg on 3 November 2015. Lauretta Ngcobo was born in Capazi a small village in Ixopo, Natal in 1931. At the age of eight she began school when children in other ethnic … Continue Reading »

Heslington Village

HESLINGTON VILLAGE Before it was known as Heslington Village the space it occupies would have been land where deer grazed; falcons and other birds circled the skies; black and white badgers dug burrows; squirrels were red; emerald green wild ducks nested on wet grass; foxes were bushy tailed; and there may have been a robin … Continue Reading »

Most powerful

The most powerful words ever spoken: “I AM” Exodus 3:14.

Roman Catholic Church: Ordination of Women

Roman Catholic Church: Ordination of Women © Agnes Sam 2015 This article is not an argument for or against the Ordination of Women. It is not written by a fundamentalist, or religious fundi. It is hoped it will promote discussion. There are many instances where Catholic history reveals confusion about faith, belief, practice and/or procedure. … Continue Reading »

Race? Place? Religion?

Agnes Sam 21 September 2015. Is it the colour of our skin? is it because we are living in York and lack the support of an Asian community? Or is it because we are Indian Christians and that is quite rare in this country? This is the question a member of my family asked because … Continue Reading »

Theory of Evolution: The Origin of Woman

Theory of Evolution The Origin of Woman Proposed by Agnes Sam B.A. Hons. (York); B.Sc. (S.A.); P.G.C.E. (Lon.) © Agnes Sam 1982 12 Turners Croft Heslington York YO10 5EL North Yorkshire United Kingdom. The world will not succeed in addressing or correcting the status of women in all societies and cultures without knowledge and understanding … Continue Reading »

Formula 1: shameful tactic; disgusting conclusion.

Agnes Sam I cannot believe the race I’ve just seen. Lewis Hamilton leading the race until a few laps before the end. And then? The Safety Car? Designed to help Rosberg and hinder Hamilton? Or what? Am I wrong? Did the commentators say Rosberg is ‘on his home ground’; where he grew up’? Or didn’t … Continue Reading »

elections 2015 – trust?

I doubt the Prime Minister can wholeheartedly celebrate his victory if he studies the faces of the opposition leaders who’ve resigned and the scores of MP’s who’ve lost their seats. Their faces should reflect disappointment and defeat. We the electorate defeated them. Their defeat should disappoint them. Yet it isn’t defeat and disappointment on their … Continue Reading »

elections 2015

The polls misled us into believing it would be a race to the finish line with the two main parties vying for even a small majority. The shock is what the politicians and the electorate are now dealing with. The shock to the politicians who have lost their seats is visible. We can only imagine … Continue Reading »

Smacking Children?

SMACKING CHILDREN? NO! NO!PRIME MINISTER! There is some discussion about the Prime Minister advocating that parents (and some others) should be allowed to smack children. “Without criminalising parents”. CHILDREN’S ‘PRIME MINISTER’S QUESTION TIME’: 1. Who is allowed to smack us? Mummy? Daddy? Grandma? Granddad? Teacher? Head teacher? Childminder? Doctor if the child won’t be still … Continue Reading »

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