Joseph 3

© Agnes Sam 2019

Joseph’s Dreams, Joseph’s Duties, Joseph’s Death .


What is it about Joseph and Mary that singles them out to be the earthly parents of Jesus?

By the manner in which the visiting Angel addresses Mary it is clear to us.

Mary is ‘full of grace’’.

We associate ‘grace’ with the Holy Spirit.

Therefore this grace is from the Holy Spirit.

Mary is already ‘filled with abundant grace’.

But that is not all. The angel informs Mary that the ‘Lord is with you’ .

The ‘Lord’ is God.

You are ‘blessed’ amongst women.

Why is Mary ‘blessed’ amongst women? Because she is a virgin.

Nevertheless the visiting angel informs Mary that although she is a virgin she is carrying a baby whose name is ‘Jesus’.

This in itself is a contradiction. How can she be a virgin and be carrying a baby?

There are protestations from Mary. This cannot be. She is a virgin. She cannot be carrying a child. She is aware of Joseph and that he will return her to her family where she will face recriminations, rejections, and disgrace.

Then she is given the explanation: The conception of Jesus is ‘Immaculate’.  The Holy Spirit has performed this miracle. She remains a virgin.

And Mary accepts. There are no doubts. No fears. ‘Her words are: ‘Behold the handmaid of the Lord’.

There is no greater faith than that shown by the Blessed Virgin Mary.

But Joseph?

What distinguishes Joseph  from other men who may be suitable to be the earthly father of Jesus, and the husband of this virgin in whose womb the Holy Spirit  has performed a miracle? And whose birth will be humble in a stable in Bethlehem?