Coronavirus CV19

Second Solution to Solving the Coronavirus CV19

This solution may be the rational, reasonable, solution to understanding and solving the Coronavirus CV19

We are aware that the Coronavirus CV19 cannot move in air. Whether it is attached to one of several instore catalogues, catalogues dropped through the letter box, leaflets advertising special offers of food, and a range of many other goods and items. Wherever it is dropped it remains and may self destruct if left on the ground for two hours to two or more days.

What does this reveal to us?

Anything that lives on land requires air. Whether it is the tallest tree, the largest animal, microscopic organisms, insects, plants and any organism that lives on land needs air to breathe.

However the Coronavirus CV19 cannot move through air.

If the Virus cannot move through air, what does the Coronavirus CV19 require to move, to circulate?

The only other medium that exists besides air is Water.

The Coronavirus CV19 requires Water in which to move.

Wether the Water is fresh water as found in lakes and rivers, or Salt water as found in the ocean may be determined by researchers.

The error we have been making is the frequent washing of hands.

Community taps found around the world contain cold water.

The wealthy and those who have access to hot running water will be able to destroy the Virus in their homes and where they have access to hot tap water.

The rest of the world who wash their hands in community cold tap water may continue to be at risk from the Virus.

Washing the hands does not destroy the Virus. The Virus requires Water. Without Water the Virus may be destroyed.