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Month: July 2011

Amy Winehouse

A beautiful young woman with a singing voice that was rich and resonant; with innate musical ability, undeniably a creative talent. All of this pitted against the power of drugs and alcohol. Part of the human family.


Congratulations on the new track at Silverstone. Sixty-one years ago the first Formula One Grand Prix took place at Silverstone. The new track looks amazing with the aeroplane as backdrop – reminder of Silverstone’s links with WWII fighter pilots.

Rupert Murdoch Evidence

Today Mr Rupert Murdoch, a man in his eighties or nineties, sat before the House of Commons Select Committee for approximately 2hours 45 minutes without a break, without an opportunity to stand up and move about, without a cup of coffee or tea. That was before a member of the public attacked him. We would … Continue Reading »


We possess immense technical expertise. We use our expertise to overcome problems we face in our lives. Yet we appear ignorant of how our solutions may assist the human family in other parts of the world. When the human family suffers drought we generously put our hands in our pockets and donate to those calling … Continue Reading »

The Commons Vote

It was a great day. It will go down in history as one of the greatest days for democracy when all parties in the House of Commons voted in favour of the motion. Not one dissenting voice was heard to shout ‘Nay’. 13 July 2011. That was a beautiful day!

Babies Behind Bars

(There are no birds flying or tweeting in this space). ‘Babies Behind Bars’ is the title of a documentary on tv about women in prison in the US. (The same may apply in other countries) Women in prison who were pregnant women gave birth and were either placed in a special mother-baby unit so that … Continue Reading »


Tweet! Tweet! Birds are free. Birds fly freely in the air. They dive into water. They hop about on land. Bird song is free. Birds sing freely when, where and what they will. And we don’t pay to hear their song. It is a gift – for us to live where we have freedom of … Continue Reading »


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