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Month: August 2011

Tottenham Riots: And The English Language

Once upon a time there was an expression in the English language: As safe as houses. If you reached your home and locked the doors and windows, you were safe. For centuries we accepted that there was a place of Sanctuary where no one could touch you if you were being chased by a lynch … Continue Reading »

Nelson Mandela: A One Man Band?

Nelson Mandela: A One Man Band? Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is hailed as a great man. A saint to some. A hero to others. The father of the nation. To a majority of people in South Africa and around the world, Mandela is the man who brought about South Africa’s freedom. That Mandela should be credited … Continue Reading »

Tottenham Riots: Offenders Rule Ok?

Today the Tottenham riots are yesterday’s news. Today we are focussed on what our politicians will do to prevent a recurrence of that week of rioting, burning, looting and killing. Why did this occur? Who is to blame? Has one culture influenced another? Should we introduce a curfew? How to mete out punishment for the … Continue Reading »

Tottenham Riots: Who Protected the Non-Violent?

At 03.00 hrs on Sunday morning 6 August 2011 the telephone rang but I did not get up to answer it. Then my cell received a text message. It was from my youngest son. He had to evacuate his flat because the carpet shop below where they lived was on fire. All the residents left … Continue Reading »

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