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Month: July 2013

Coronation Street Advert

The new Coronation Street Ad screened this week is unbelievable. Truly beautiful. Classy. It will stop anyone in their tracks. It shows these actors at their very best. And they deserve the best … They have class. They have demonstrated how good they really are. I hope this ad wins an award.

Happy Birthday Mandela

Imini emnandi yokuzalwa Madiba! Happy Birthday Madiba! Nceda undibulisele kusapho lwakho! Please send my best wishes to your family. From Agnes Sam.

Corruption in South Africa

There is much talk about corruption in South Africa. Make no mistake, I’ve seen it too. There is, however, corruption throughout the world. The churches, the banks, hospitals, the police, governments, prime ministers … No country is free of corruption. They say ‘to err is human.’ Therefore, it must be human nature to be corrupt. … Continue Reading »

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