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Month: November 2015

Lauretta Ngcobo: Grace and Passion

LAURETTA NGCOBO: GRACE and PASSION © Agnes Sam 2015 Lauretta Nozizwe Ngcobo, Novelist, Essayist, Editor, Teacher, Member of the Provincial Legislature, died in Johannesburg on 3 November 2015. Lauretta Ngcobo was born in Capazi a small village in Ixopo, Natal in 1931. At the age of eight she began school when children in other ethnic … Continue Reading »

Heslington Village

HESLINGTON VILLAGE Before it was known as Heslington Village the space it occupies would have been land where deer grazed; falcons and other birds circled the skies; black and white badgers dug burrows; squirrels were red; emerald green wild ducks nested on wet grass; foxes were bushy tailed; and there may have been a robin … Continue Reading »

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