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Month: June 2016

The Well of Hatred Eroding Our Society

© Agnes Sam 2016 (Agnes Sam is a British subject who was born in South Africa. She is the great grand-daughter of Indians who were brought to Natal as Indentured Labourers and who were imprisoned with Mahatma Gandhi when he developed the method known as Satyagraha in South Africa. Her grandfather is an English speaking … Continue Reading »

Democracy and Free Speech

You will have seen the news about our Member of Parliament, Jo Cox. Her young children are without their mother, and her loving husband is without his wife We have to understand the meaning of free speech and democracy. We may disagree with someone, but they have the right to express their views. When someone … Continue Reading »

History repeating itself?

The use and repetition of the words Immigration, Jobs, housing by our MP’s in the debates about the referendum is shameful. Whereas the debates should focus on issues like our defences, our safety, our right to control our borders, that might be fair. But using the threat of numbers, the problem of housing, and jobs, … Continue Reading »

The Annunciation

The Annunciation An explanation For non-Christians © Agnes Sam 2016 Family, friends, followers and readers of my blogs on Literature, Politics, Sport, Social Issues, who are Hindu, Muslim, non-Catholic or of no faith, may fail to understand the article entitled ‘Mary Silenced, Mary Erased, Mary Rejected,’ without an explanation of what it relates to, and … Continue Reading »

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