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Month: May 2020

Coronavirus CV19 Second Solution to Solving the Coronavirus CV19 This solution may be the rational, reasonable, solution to understanding and solving the Coronavirus CV19 We are aware that the Coronavirus CV19 cannot move in air. Whether it is attached to one of several instore catalogues, catalogues dropped through the letter box, leaflets advertising special offers … Continue Reading »

Coronavirus CV19

Coronovirus 1 was the first solution to solve the Coronavirus that is attacking humans. The virus is transmitted by a species or subspecies of bat. Isolating the bat and raising the temperature above the level the bat can withstand may destroy this bat. The bat cannot withstand temperatures above 27 degrees. A simple process of … Continue Reading »


I have previously submitted a solution to solving the Coronavirus CV19 by sourcing the bat that is accessing human blood and raising the temperature in the places where this bat is sleeping during the day. The bat may be obtaining human blood from the battlefield where soldiers have been killed, or obtaining the blood of … Continue Reading »

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