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Month: April 2018

Windrush Generation (3)

Windrush Generation How to Proceed. ( 3) © Agnes Sam 2018  Page 3 of several Blogs that will follow for the Windrush Generation is to give you encouragement. At present you feel the anger and disillusionment at the situation you find yourself in. It was unanticipated. The discussions in the media focussed on immigrants and migrants from … Continue Reading »

Windrush Generation(2)

Windrush Generation (2) The Way Forward © Agnes Sam 2018 For the Windrush Generation who have been refused British passports and whose Landing Cards have been destroyed there are several ways forward. When you meet up with an obstacle simply move in another direction. These ways forward require efforts on your part that may spare you … Continue Reading »

Windrush Generation

Windrush Generation (1) How to Proceed © Agnes Sam 2018 Heslington Village, York, North Yorkshire. www.agnessam.com Your Landing Cards have been destroyed, Your British Prime Minister has apologised. Britain is renowned all over the world for holding on to manuscripts, mummified bodies, skeletons of humans and dinosaurs, and items belonging to other countries. For a country … Continue Reading »

Golgotha and Bethlehem

Golgotha and  Bethlehem copyright Agnes Sam 2018 As the Blessed Virgin Mary holds her crucified son in her arms does she recall the birth of her son in Bethlehem? Does she recall the stable in which He was born? The manger in which He lay. The animals surrounding Him.  The Blessed Joseph her husband is there to receive … Continue Reading »

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