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Joseph’s Happiness

Joseph’s Happiness, Mary’s Uniqueness. © Agnes Sam 2017 1. St Joseph and the  Virgin Mary have faith. Joseph’s faith is in the messages he receives in his dreams. Mary’s faith is in the message from the Angel at the Annunciation.  They believe that the messages they receive are  from God. 2. St Joseph and the Virgin Mary are both chosen.  She is a … Continue Reading »

Analysis of the Cross by Dominic Sam

My brother Dominic Sam has written a letter to the editor of the Southern Cross (a weekly Catholic newspaper in South Africa) in which he analyses the significance and symbolism of the Cross and the Crucifix. You may read the article in the newspaper by clicking on the link below: http://www.scross.co.za/category/letter-of-the-week/ I’ve invited him to … Continue Reading »

The Annunciation

The Annunciation An explanation For non-Christians © Agnes Sam 2016 Family, friends, followers and readers of my blogs on Literature, Politics, Sport, Social Issues, who are Hindu, Muslim, non-Catholic or of no faith, may fail to understand the article entitled ‘Mary Silenced, Mary Erased, Mary Rejected,’ without an explanation of what it relates to, and … Continue Reading »

Mary Silenced. Mary Erased. Mary Rejected.

Mary Silenced. Mary Erased. Mary Rejected and Roman Catholics A Perspective by Agnes Sam © Agnes Sam 2016 In an earlier post on my website www.agnessam.com I wrote ‘The Roman Catholic Church and the Ordination of Women’.That post related to my understanding of the difference between Faith, Belief and Practice (or Procedure). It described changes … Continue Reading »

Roman Catholic Church: Ordination of Women

Roman Catholic Church: Ordination of Women © Agnes Sam 2015 This article is not an argument for or against the Ordination of Women. It is not written by a fundamentalist, or religious fundi. It is hoped it will promote discussion. There are many instances where Catholic history reveals confusion about faith, belief, practice and/or procedure. … Continue Reading »

Gaza & Israeli Conflict

Shalom and Salaam both mean peace. Hitler created the holocaust that destroyed Jews in Europe. The people in Israel are the survivors of Hitler’s Holocaust. What is happening now is a holocaust against the Arabs in Gaza. From the Arab Spring we see the Israeli Holocaust to eradicate the Arabs in Gaza. Women give birth … Continue Reading »

A Year of Penance for Catholics

On Sunday 27 April 2014 in a historical ceremony in St Peter’s Square in Rome two living Popes were present, His Holiness Pope Francis and Pope Benedict, and two former Popes were canonized. Yet the Catholic faithful, devout Catholics, lapsed Catholics, divorced Catholics, Catholics who have lost their faith, Catholics who feel a deep sense … Continue Reading »

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