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Heslington Village

HESLINGTON VILLAGE Before it was known as Heslington Village the space it occupies would have been land where deer grazed; falcons and other birds circled the skies; black and white badgers dug burrows; squirrels were red; emerald green wild ducks nested on wet grass; foxes were bushy tailed; and there may have been a robin … Continue Reading »

Theory of Evolution: The Origin of Woman

Theory of Evolution The Origin of Woman Proposed by Agnes Sam B.A. Hons. (York); B.Sc. (S.A.); P.G.C.E. (Lon.) © Agnes Sam 1982 12 Turners Croft Heslington York YO10 5EL North Yorkshire United Kingdom. The world will not succeed in addressing or correcting the status of women in all societies and cultures without knowledge and understanding … Continue Reading »

Smacking Children?

SMACKING CHILDREN? NO! NO!PRIME MINISTER! There is some discussion about the Prime Minister advocating that parents (and some others) should be allowed to smack children. “Without criminalising parents”. CHILDREN’S ‘PRIME MINISTER’S QUESTION TIME’: 1. Who is allowed to smack us? Mummy? Daddy? Grandma? Granddad? Teacher? Head teacher? Childminder? Doctor if the child won’t be still … Continue Reading »

Put Your Money Where Their Mouths Are

Whenever I see ads and hear a voice begging for a donation, while a child from our world is displayed on the screen, in need of food; when I see a child being fed umgubo wombona (mealie meal porridge); when I discover the millions that are raised by celebrities – I ask myself: – How … Continue Reading »

Dale Farm: Reprieve

The Travellers were given a short reprieve from the eviction that was scheduled for 19 September 2011.

Dale Farm: Sign the E-Petition

Dale Farm travellers will be evicted on 19 September. Time is running out for these people. We need parliament to debate this matter. No matter how many organisations are against the eviction, it is only our parliament that has the power to stop the eviction. If enough people sign the epetition on the website: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/15909 … Continue Reading »

Dale Farm: Another Reason For Your Support

The most touching comment about the Dale Farm travellers was made by one of the residents of Dale Farm. A woman speaking for the group said that she could neither read nor write, but that she was willing to talk with Eric Pickles (MP). I was touched by this statement. We are ten years into … Continue Reading »

Dale Farm: E-Petition

I have set up an epetition at the following website: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk in support of the Dale Farm Travellers. When you reach the website (which is a government website) a search box will appear. Type in the words ‘Dale Farm’ and a list of petitions will appear. Please ensure that you sign the petition in support … Continue Reading »

Dale Farm: The Travellers

Why am I interested in the plight of the Dale Farm Travellers? I say ‘plight’ and you know immediately that I am in sympathy with them. Why? I have two reasons. One is based on South Africa under apartheid. The other is based in England. Any eviction is a cause for concern. In South Africa … Continue Reading »

Tottenham Riots: And The English Language

Once upon a time there was an expression in the English language: As safe as houses. If you reached your home and locked the doors and windows, you were safe. For centuries we accepted that there was a place of Sanctuary where no one could touch you if you were being chased by a lynch … Continue Reading »

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