We possess immense technical expertise. We use our expertise to overcome problems we face in our lives. Yet we appear ignorant of how our solutions may assist the human family in other parts of the world.

When the human family suffers drought we generously put our hands in our pockets and donate to those calling for donations. The recipients airlift bottles of water to these regions. The planes land and the people wait for the arrival of those suffering hunger and thirst. They expect the sufferers of hunger and thirst to walk hundreds of miles to where the aeroplanes have landed with water and food. And the hungry and thirsty do walk. But they die on the way.

But when we lack oil to provide us with energy to warm our homes and drive our cars, and maintain our industries, we use our expertise to lay down pipes that transport oil from the middle east, from the oceans, across continents to where we live.

What has stopped us from laying down pipes to carry water from our rivers and lakes, from our often flooded rivers and lakes, to these drought stricken countries?

We are all members of the human family.