Golgotha and  Bethlehem

copyright Agnes Sam 2018

As the Blessed Virgin Mary holds her crucified son in her arms does she recall the birth of her son in Bethlehem? Does she recall the stable in which He was born? The manger in which He lay. The animals surrounding Him.  The Blessed Joseph her husband is there to receive the new born baby who was wrapped in swaddling clothes. A chorus of angels singing the praises of the new born baby. A bright star illuminated in the sky also illuminates the stable. A shepherd guided by the light in the stable approaches with his sheep. Three kings appear. They were guided by the star to where the baby was born. They bring with them gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Here that baby from Bethlehem was crucified and died on a cross on Golgotha. A place of skulls. What else is there?