Windrush Generation

How to Proceed.

( 3)

© Agnes Sam 2018

page 3 of several Blogs that will follow for the Windrush Generation is for me to give you encouragement.

At present you feel the anger and disillusionment perhaps bitterness at the situation you find yourself in. It was unanticipated. The discussions in the media focussed on immigrants and migrants from Europe.

You are concerned about the length of time it will take to sort your situation. If there is a way forward, what is it?

Begin by contemplating with me your advantages:

  1. You are literate.
  2. You speak English
  3. You may be a professional
  4. You have already lived in this country.
  5. You may have already worked in this country and may have children and grandchildren.

Then compare with me the advantages you have over thousands of Indentured Labourers who were transported to the Caribbean and to other colonies around the world.

  1. Those Indentured Labourers were illiterate.
  2. The majority could not speak English.
  3. They did not know where they were being transported to.
  4. Slavery had been abolished. But the manner in which slaves were treated was not abolished. It still exists in our world. The Indentured Labourers were treated like slaves.
  5. The Indentured Labourers laboured from four o’clock in the morning until seven o’clock at night.
  6. They did not receive payment in money, but possibly in rice.

Keep the faith.

Remember your advantages when you feel down, depressed, dejected, demoralised, distrustful, disturbed, disillusioned and do not know the way forward for you.

These emotions are obstacles in your path. Overcome them. Move around them. Should you allow these obstacles to hinder your progress to your ultimate goal – which is to establish your status as a British citizen – you will be playing into the hands of those who wish to waste your time and lengthen your progress to your goal.

Do not play into the hands of those who have caused this upheaval in your lives.

There are several ways forward.