Windrush Generation (4)

How to Proceed.

 © Agnes Sam 2018

Heslington Village, York, North Yorkshire.

Kindly tell others  where you have read this information. This information may be unsuitable for your situation, but it is how I proceeded. Remember that I am not a member of any political party, any organisation, or group dealing with the dilemma confronting the Wind Rush Generation.  I am not an agent. I am an individual attempting to help you through the maze. There are many paths to follow. If one method does not sit your circumstances, for whatever reason, do not lose faith. Keep on and you will find a way. Do something while you wait for your turn. Your surname may begin with ‘X’, ‘Y’ or ‘Zed’.

The information on this and several pages that follow is FREE for any individual to read and follow.

Windrush Generation (4) may assist many of you.

It is the CENSUS taken every ten years. When the CENSUS is taken we are requested to enter the names of every person living in the house with us on that day. I do not know where the CENSUS is kept, but you may ask your Councillor . Your name, address and other details will be on the CENSUS for every ten years that have been in this country. Remember, you are trying to prove that you were in this country. You may have lived in several different homes or cities. Each may be significant for your research. Read on and see what other methods you may use.