Agnes Sam: The Pragashini-Smuts ConspiracyThe Pragashini-Smuts Conspiracy
Agnes Sam
Paloma Books
Trade Paperback (B)
Modern Fiction
July 2014

Our The Pragashini-Smuts Conspiracy

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Author Interview


It is the run up to the first democratic elections in South Africa. Unknown to Pragashini Dev there are forces conspiring against each other to prevent the elections from taking place, and to cover up the bloody heart of South Africa. If the elections do take place there are those who wish to bring chaos to the fledgling democracy, while others wish to present a united front to the outside world.

Into this seething battleground of political intrigue and turmoil steps Pragashini, imagining that she can focus on her unplanned intention to confront family, friends and her deep rooted fears. She is in conflict about her motives and her plan of action, and so is drawn into the conspiracy. Still secretive, she has trusted no-one with the news that she is returning, not even her mentor Smuts’ father, John Matliele.