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Most powerful

The most powerful words ever spoken: “I AM” Exodus 3:14.

Race? Place? Religion?

Agnes Sam 21 September 2015. Is it the colour of our skin? is it because we are living in York and lack the support of an Asian community? Or is it because we are Indian Christians and that is quite rare in this country? This is the question a member of my family asked because … Continue Reading »

elections 2015 – trust?

I doubt the Prime Minister can wholeheartedly celebrate his victory if he studies the faces of the opposition leaders who’ve resigned and the scores of MP’s who’ve lost their seats. Their faces should reflect disappointment and defeat. We the electorate defeated them. Their defeat should disappoint them. Yet it isn’t defeat and disappointment on their … Continue Reading »

elections 2015

The polls misled us into believing it would be a race to the finish line with the two main parties vying for even a small majority. The shock is what the politicians and the electorate are now dealing with. The shock to the politicians who have lost their seats is visible. We can only imagine … Continue Reading »

Constitutional Monarchy Pundits

How do the pundits who work out the succession to the throne do it?  Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward are children of a reigning monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.  I thought the next in line should be Prince Andrew, then Prince Edward (before they changed the rules to include daughters of the … Continue Reading »

Self Inspection

Self Inspection? Should a learner driver  test himself and issue his own  driving licence? Should anyone  licence himself as a pilot? Should a medical student test himself then be allowed to practise as a doctor? I should think not.  ‘Self Inspection’ would never be permitted in medicine, nursing, teaching, driving, flying, in any category of work. So why are certain categories of builders allowed to … Continue Reading »

I’m sorry, they haven’t a clue!

The politicians are harping  that young people leaving school should not claim benefit. What are they on about? National stores up and down the High Street, and local traders don’t advertise their jobs in the Guardian and the Times Educational Supplement. They give their jobs to the Job Centres.  Job Centres post these jobs up on cards … Continue Reading »

What Does Your Father Do?

I was asked by someone I won’t name: What does your father do? I wasn’t a child, lost in a supermarket, with an adult trying to locate my parents. I was already a graduate teacher with three children. I was sitting in this person’s office with a Kenyan colleague. The question had nothing to do … Continue Reading »

Vanessa Roe Plantagenet Alliance 16th generation descendant of King Richard III

Benedict Cumberbatch

Entering the arena of words that cause offence is akin to traipsing haphazardly through a mine field. The safest place is the no man’s land between countries. It is unfortunate that Benedict Cumberbatch, nominated for an Oscar, seems to have blundered blindfolded out of no man’s land. Most people know the terms that cause offence … Continue Reading »

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