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Gaza & Israeli Conflict

Shalom and Salaam both mean peace. Hitler created the holocaust that destroyed Jews in Europe. The people in Israel are the survivors of Hitler’s Holocaust. What is happening now is a holocaust against the Arabs in Gaza. From the Arab Spring we see the Israeli Holocaust to eradicate the Arabs in Gaza. Women give birth … Continue Reading »

Televising the Oscar Pistorius Trial

The panel on BBC Question Time gave a brief comment on the televising of the Pistorius Trial (10 Apr 2014). Each panellist expressed the view that televising the trial was a ‘hindrance’. A member of the audience said it was ‘disgusting’ or he or she was ‘disgusted’ by the process. I am satisfied that the … Continue Reading »

Lewis Hamilton: Versus the Stewards

Thought I could sit back and enjoy watching Formula 1 this season. But the stewards put a stop to that. Pushing Lewis Hamilton from pole position to last, got me thinking. What is a steward? I looked it up, just to make sure I wasn’t living in cloud cuckoo land. The OED says on a … Continue Reading »

Stephen Lawrence

Stephen Lawrence – a name we will never forget. As a nation we may take heart from the model of stoicism that Stephen Lawrence’s parents, Doreen and Neville Lawrence have held up to us. When they were confronted by institutionalised racism, in their efforts to obtain justice for their murdered son, in what is a … Continue Reading »

Lewis Hamilton: Race or Racism?

When Lewis Hamilton became the Formula 1 Champion he may have been a role model for young disaffected youth in this country. Followers of Formula 1 and fans of Hamilton will no doubt have observed the continued complaints from other drivers and the sustained attack from stewards during most of the races leading up to … Continue Reading »

Dale Farm: The Travellers

Why am I interested in the plight of the Dale Farm Travellers? I say ‘plight’ and you know immediately that I am in sympathy with them. Why? I have two reasons. One is based on South Africa under apartheid. The other is based in England. Any eviction is a cause for concern. In South Africa … Continue Reading »

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