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When the creed is said during holy mass, at baptism by godparents of a baby or by adults, it includes a reference to the resurrection. This reference, is however, not a reference to the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday. The resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday is accepted by all Christians. The reference is, … Continue Reading »

This is a post that contains several elements that does not alter our faith in any manner but allows us to speculate about its relevance to us. We believe that Jesus resurrected on the third day after his crucifixion on Good Friday. If Jesus had chosen he could have resurrected on Good Friday before midnight, … Continue Reading »

The third day is significant not withstanding references in the Old testament that the Messiah will resurrect on the third day. (Daniel 9 : 24 – 27; Deuteronomy 18:15; Ezekiel 37 : 24 ; 26: 27; Haggai 2:6:9; Hosea 11:1, Jeremiah 31: 5; Micah 5: 2) In the New Testament the name of Jesus occurs … Continue Reading »

Covenant has a different connotation in some faiths. God enters the marriage when the couple are being married and blesses them with His presence as a Covenant between the couple and Himself.

ark of the covenant The Ark of the Covenant is introduced in the OId Testament when the prophet Moses ascends Mount Sinai to pray and meditate and there encounters God. On the mountain Moses is instructed to build an ark of wood that will be gilded with gold. The instructions are precise regarding the length, … Continue Reading »


Joseph (6) Joseph’s dreams, Joseph’s duties, Joseph’s death © Agnes Sam 2019   A Jewish boy attaining the age of twelve years,  is considered a man and is allowed to attend the Jewish temple.  When Jesus is lost  then found in the temple we can assume that he is twelve years old.  He attends the temple … Continue Reading »

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Joseph’s Dreams, Joseph’s Duties’, Joseph’s Death. Joseph (5) © Agnes Sam 2019 There are two events in which Joseph features that are unmarked in the Roman Catholic calendar. Joseph is present in the stable in Bethlehem, and the Flight into Egypt from Israel when he takes Mary and the infant Jesus and flees to Egypt … Continue Reading »


Joseph 4 Joseph’s Dreams , Joseph’s Duties, Joseph’s Death . © Agnes Sam 2019 What of Joseph? What are Joseph’s achievements? Is Joseph a king or is he the son of a king? The New Testament authors will present us with Joseph’s descent from King David once he is accepted as the husband of the … Continue Reading »


Joseph 3 © Agnes Sam 2019 Joseph’s Dreams, Joseph’s Duties, Joseph’s Death .   What is it about Joseph and Mary that singles them out to be the earthly parents of Jesus? By the manner in which the visiting Angel addresses Mary it is clear to us. Mary is ‘full of grace’’. We associate ‘grace’ with the … Continue Reading »

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Joseph 2 Joseph’s  Dreams, Joseph’s Duties, Joseph’s Death. © Agnes Sam 2019   We know about two dreams that Joseph had: (1) The first is the dream that warns him to flee to Egypt from Israel and across a desert (2) The second is the dream that advises him  to refrain from  returning the Virgin Mary … Continue Reading »

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