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Joseph’s Dreams. Joseph’s Duties. Joseph’s Death. We believe that the Angel Gabriel appears to the Virgin Mary at the time of the Annunciation providing us with the  words of the ‘Hail Mary’ and the Virgin Mary’s response  (that is excluded from the Hail Mary we Roman Catholics recite when saying the rosary.) We also  believe that  angels do not appear to Joseph. … Continue Reading »

Josephs Obedience

Joseph’s Obedience We know the narrative.  After the departure of the three Magi who visit the stable in Bethlehem  with Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh,  Joseph takes Mary and the new born infant and flee from Israel across a desert to Egypt.  But how do we read the unreadable subtext? How is an event that occurred two thousand years ago juxtaposed … Continue Reading »

Flight into Egypt

Joseph’s Flight into Egypt   Immigration conjures up several concepts to people across Europe and the United Kingdom. Fear, anger, hostility and resentment towards migrant workers and immigrants. To politicians it might suggest loss of a seat in parliament if they do not control immigration. To Roman Catholics in the United Kingdom and in other Roman Catholic countries in … Continue Reading »

Golgotha and Bethlehem

Golgotha and  Bethlehem copyright Agnes Sam 2018 As the Blessed Virgin Mary holds her crucified son in her arms does she recall the birth of her son in Bethlehem? Does she recall the stable in which He was born? The manger in which He lay. The animals surrounding Him.  The Blessed Joseph her husband is there to receive … Continue Reading »

Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday in the Passion of Jesus Christ copyright Agnes Sam 2018 Today is Holy Saturday in the Roman Catholic world and for many Christian communities. In the Jewish world today is the Sabbath. Jesus Christ died on Good Friday and had to be buried before midnight on Good Friday i.e. before the Sabbath day. The … Continue Reading »

Transport during the Passion of Jesus Christ

Transport during the Passion of Jesus Christ copyright Agnes Sam 2018 Christians know the only Time that is of significance to their faith from the Crucifixion on Good Friday to the Resurrection on Easter Sunday. That Time is three days. And the three days are from the mouth of Jesus Christ. The Time between significant events in the Passion of … Continue Reading »

Time during the Passion of Jesus Christ (2)

    Time during the Passion of Jesus Christ (2) copyright Agnes Sam 2018  The time of three days from the Crucifixion on Good Friday to the Resurrection on Easter Sunday are words from the mouth of Jesus Christ. And it is fulfilled. As for the steps following during the Stations of the Cross there is no information about … Continue Reading »

Time during the Passion of Jesus Christ

 Time during the Passion of Jesus Christ Copyright Agnes Sam 2018 There is only one element of time during the Passion of Jesus Christ that every Christian believes. i.e. that three days elapsed between the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ on the cross on Good Friday and his Resurrection from the dead three days later on Easter … Continue Reading »

St Joseph’s Death

St Joseph’s Death Copyright Agnes Sam 2018 Roman Catholic priests and nuns, married couples and other  Catholics who have a devotion to the holy St Joseph will be aware that there is neither a word whispered nor a word written in the New Testament about the death of St Joseph. How, you may ask , does … Continue Reading »

Joseph’s Happiness

Joseph’s Happiness, Mary’s Uniqueness. © Agnes Sam 2017 1. St Joseph and the  Virgin Mary have faith. Joseph’s faith is in the messages he receives in his dreams. Mary’s faith is in the message from the Angel at the Annunciation.  They believe that the messages they receive are  from God. 2. St Joseph and the Virgin Mary are both chosen.  She is a … Continue Reading »

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