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Charismatic Leaders   WINNIE MADIKiZELA MANDELA   © Agnes Sam 2017   I consider Winnie Madikizela Mandela to be the greatest leader South Africa      and Africa ever produced. She ranks head and shoulders above Nelson Mandela. I will explain my reasons in this short page. The charismatic leaders in South Africa that I have listed … Continue Reading »

James Dorothy Setlogelo

JAMES DOROTHY SETLOGELO ARTIST B.A. Hon. (Fine Arts) Sunderland Polytechnic. Interviewed By Agnes Sam ©Agnes Sam 2017   The artist James Dorothy Setlogelo lived on his parents’ farm in Terbanchu in South Africa.  He was the son of Dr Setlogelo and Mrs Dorothy Setlogelo. They were a Roman Catholic family of twelve children. His father, … Continue Reading »

Lauretta Ngcobo: Grace and Passion

LAURETTA NGCOBO: GRACE and PASSION © Agnes Sam 2015 Lauretta Nozizwe Ngcobo, Novelist, Essayist, Editor, Teacher, Member of the Provincial Legislature, died in Johannesburg on 3 November 2015. Lauretta Ngcobo was born in Capazi a small village in Ixopo, Natal in 1931. At the age of eight she began school when children in other ethnic … Continue Reading »

Televising the Oscar Pistorius Trial

The panel on BBC Question Time gave a brief comment on the televising of the Pistorius Trial (10 Apr 2014). Each panellist expressed the view that televising the trial was a ‘hindrance’. A member of the audience said it was ‘disgusting’ or he or she was ‘disgusted’ by the process. I am satisfied that the … Continue Reading »

Happy Birthday Mandela

Imini emnandi yokuzalwa Madiba! Happy Birthday Madiba! Nceda undibulisele kusapho lwakho! Please send my best wishes to your family. From Agnes Sam.

Corruption in South Africa

There is much talk about corruption in South Africa. Make no mistake, I’ve seen it too. There is, however, corruption throughout the world. The churches, the banks, hospitals, the police, governments, prime ministers … No country is free of corruption. They say ‘to err is human.’ Therefore, it must be human nature to be corrupt. … Continue Reading »

Dale Farm: The Travellers

Why am I interested in the plight of the Dale Farm Travellers? I say ‘plight’ and you know immediately that I am in sympathy with them. Why? I have two reasons. One is based on South Africa under apartheid. The other is based in England. Any eviction is a cause for concern. In South Africa … Continue Reading »

Nelson Mandela: A One Man Band?

Nelson Mandela: A One Man Band? Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is hailed as a great man. A saint to some. A hero to others. The father of the nation. To a majority of people in South Africa and around the world, Mandela is the man who brought about South Africa’s freedom. That Mandela should be credited … Continue Reading »

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