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   Ronnie O’Sullivan    King For One Thousand Centuries  Long Live the King !  

Ally Pally’s Masters

The Master Our Man in Black. The Mafia The grim face. The White gloved hands Two legendary opposing Dons They graced and raised the game The Town Crier. The golden Son. The Hawk. The Ham. The Hazel eyed queen. The Ace. The Knave. The Joker The Jack. Sporting kitty bows and waist coats, Designers’ stubble, … Continue Reading »

Formula 1: shameful tactic; disgusting conclusion.

Agnes Sam I cannot believe the race I’ve just seen. Lewis Hamilton leading the race until a few laps before the end. And then? The Safety Car? Designed to help Rosberg and hinder Hamilton? Or what? Am I wrong? Did the commentators say Rosberg is ‘on his home ground’; where he grew up’? Or didn’t … Continue Reading »

Ronnie O’Sullivan Congratulations

Ronnie O’Sullivan’s grace and majesty, and his heart were revealed to the millions who scrutinised last night’s final at the Barbican in York. O’Sullivan towers above every other sports personality in the world: Tendulkar, Tiger Woods, Pele, Maradonna, Mohammed Ali, Nigel Mansell, Bjorn Borg etc. He has words of praise for his opponents and diminishes … Continue Reading »

Lewis Hamilton World Champion

Lewis Hamilton you have become a formidable formula 1 driving legend. Congratulations.

Lewis Hamilton: Congratulations!

Lewis Hamilton congratulations on Formula 1 win.

Ronnie O’Sullivan: A National Treasure


Tessa Jowell: Britain’s Greatest Culture & Sports Minister

Tessa Jowell you deserve the title -Britain’s Greatest Culture and Sports’ Minister. Without you Britain may never have made the bid for the Olympic Games. Ministers before you have either never put forward the bid, or have failed. It was you who brought the government of Tony Blair on board before the bid for the … Continue Reading »

Lewis Hamilton: Versus the Stewards

Thought I could sit back and enjoy watching Formula 1 this season. But the stewards put a stop to that. Pushing Lewis Hamilton from pole position to last, got me thinking. What is a steward? I looked it up, just to make sure I wasn’t living in cloud cuckoo land. The OED says on a … Continue Reading »

Lewis Hamilton: Race or Racism?

When Lewis Hamilton became the Formula 1 Champion he may have been a role model for young disaffected youth in this country. Followers of Formula 1 and fans of Hamilton will no doubt have observed the continued complaints from other drivers and the sustained attack from stewards during most of the races leading up to … Continue Reading »

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