I have previously submitted a solution to solving the Coronavirus CV19 by sourcing the bat that is accessing human blood and raising the temperature in the places where this bat is sleeping during the day. The bat may be obtaining human blood from the battlefield where soldiers have been killed, or obtaining the blood of animals whose tusks have been removed, and of course from several other sources.

The fact remains that this bat is obtaining blood from humans and from other animals.

The bat accessing blood cannot withstand temperatures above that of 27 degrees. And if the bat was exposed to temperatures above 27 degrees it would die. We have to consider if washing our hands in cold water would affect this bat? People in the many parts of the world do not have access to hot tap running water. They use taps for the community that provide cold water. Therefore washing one’s hands frequetly in cold water may prove ineffective.

I have not received information that anyone has attempted to control this bat by raising the temperatre where it is sleeping during the day.