I am Agnes Sam. I have a Science degree with majors in Zoology and Psychology and subsidiary courses in Chemistry, Physics, and Botany.

In addition to the Science degree mentioned above I have an Honours degree in English,

A post graduate teaching qualification enables me to teach either Science or Arts.

It is from this background in Science that I will propose a solution to the Coronavirus pandemic that has killed thousands of people around the world.

The solution will not be arrived at immediately. It will take time and effort to implement the solution I am proposing, however, it will save lives and will not require isolation and will stop the death of thousands of people, men, women and children, pregnant women, the elderly, and the disabled.

The Coronavirus originated in bats. The bat is a vertebrate animal that is blind and uses a kind of radar system to move about in its blindness and navigate its way around in the dark.

Bats are usually fruit eating animals.

The lust for blood like blood drinking vampires is very new and unusual. This lust for blood may have arisen from two dominant genes, two recessive genes, or a dominant and a recessive gene.

Whatever gave rise to the blood drinking vampire that bat that drinks blood is there. It exists and it is a threat to humans.

It is possible that the blood drinking vampire has been feeding off animals in the wild. It has however, discovered a taste for human blood and poses a threat to all of humanity.

This may be common knowledge. But this common knowledge is not my solution.

People are attempting to create a vaccine while demanding that we self isolate within our homes for months. It is causing depression and unhappiness within families because of the rule that we must not visit friends and family .

Therefore what is my solution to this threat?

My solution may prove to be unpalateable. But if weighed up against death, many people will agree with it.

My solution is to disover the vampire bat.

Once discovered the vampire bat, the entire species or sub-species should be completely destroyed, completely eradicated. So that not one of these vampire bats exist.

Agnes Sam