Coronovirus 1 was the first solution to solve the Coronavirus that is attacking humans.

The virus is transmitted by a species or subspecies of bat. Isolating the bat and raising the temperature above the level the bat can withstand may destroy this bat. The bat cannot withstand temperatures above 27 degrees.

A simple process of raising the temperature during the day while the bat is asleep should destroy the bat.

Feeding on the blood of humans and that of other animals is not a process that occurred overnight. It has possibly occured over a very long period of time.

Soldiers on the battlefield after a war.

Animals whose tusks have been removed for ivory.

Animals whose pelts have been removed to create floor mats are examples of how blood is obtained.

The bat sleeps during the day. And becomes active at night.

Destroying the bat when it is asleep during the day is the first solution.