The most touching comment about the Dale Farm travellers was made by one of the residents of Dale Farm. A woman speaking for the group said that she could neither read nor write, but that she was willing to talk with Eric Pickles (MP).

I was touched by this statement.

We are ten years into the millennium. We are living in England. This woman is a British citizen.

Were we in a Third World country; if we were living in the nineteenth century; if the woman was an immigrant; whose mother tongue was not English, – then her statement that she could neither read nor write, would not touch us.

I am touched by her statement because I am a writer and a teacher.

I believe that we as a society have failed the travellers.

The nomadic way of life is not peculiar to Britains’s travellers. There are nomadic people in Africa, in the Middle East and elsewhere.

The problem lies with us. It is we who should adapt by learning to accept that some people live a nomadic life. Once we learn to accept that we would not attempt to force them into our settled way of life.

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