The polls misled us into believing it would be a race to the finish line with the two main parties vying for even a small majority.
The shock is what the politicians and the electorate are now dealing with.
The shock to the politicians who have lost their seats is visible. We can only imagine the shock to the volunteers who worked tirelessly to campaign on doorsteps and to leaflet homes.
I’ve lived for 40 years in the same property. Yet I’ve never been polled, by telephone, by post, email, text, in the street, on the doorstep, when I enter or leave the polling station.
How is that possible? How are polls conducted so as to exclude voters in all that time?
Who are the thousands who were polled?
Where are they based?
Is there a selection process?
How are they selected?
Is there a qualification one has to pass to be polled?
I want to know how it was done.
How did the polls succeed in fooling us – the electorate and the politicians – into believing that the two main political parties were neck and neck in the run up to the elections?