Agnes Sam
I cannot believe the race I’ve just seen. Lewis Hamilton leading the race until a few laps before the end. And then? The Safety Car? Designed to help Rosberg and hinder Hamilton? Or what?

Am I wrong? Did the commentators say Rosberg is ‘on his home ground’; where he grew up’? Or didn’t they say that?

Am I right? Hamilton’s own team called him in?

Was there talk about a reality safety car and a real safety car?

This isn’t sporting fairness. The safety car isn’t part of the race. The drivers are racing each other.

The tactic of using the safety car to place the first driver third is plainly and simply disgusting.

Whoever had the smart idea should be challenged.

Who is going to do something about this? Nicki Lauder? Mercedes? The Stewards?

I remember Hamilton having a position on the podium removed from him a few years ago.

I expect Rosberg to have the win removed from him at Monaco.

As the commentators said: ‘Rosberg had the race handed to him on a plate’.

Disgraceful to do this in full view of the fans.

Can they get away with this? Is there anyone who can reverse this? Would you accept the win if you had a race handed to you on a plate?