Holy Saturday in the Passion of Jesus Christ

copyright Agnes Sam 2018

Today is Holy Saturday in the Roman Catholic world and for many Christian communities. In the Jewish world today is the Sabbath. Jesus Christ died on Good Friday and had to be buried before midnight on Good Friday i.e. before the Sabbath day.

The bloody face of Jesus Christ is concealed with a small cloth. His naked body is covered with a shroud. He is taken down from the cross.  He is carried to His weeping mother.

She, the Virgin Mary, waits to receive the body of her son. She is witness to God’s plan for His Divine Son. She is part of that Divine Plan.  Her son is dead. His Resurrection is His return to His Heavenly Father. She may never see her earthly son again. When she weeps it is for the earthly baby she gave birth to in Bethlehem who has died on the crucifix.

The Christian world waits. From the death of Jesus Christ yesterday. They will wait all day today. And they will wait tonight while ceremonies are performed; Holy Water, Holy Oils and Chrism is blessed.  They will continue to wait for the third day.