Joseph 2

Joseph’s  Dreams, Joseph’s Duties, Joseph’s Death.

© Agnes Sam 2019


We know about two dreams that Joseph had:

(1) The first is the dream that warns him to flee to Egypt from Israel and across a desert (2) The second is the dream that advises him  to refrain from  returning the Virgin Mary to her parents when he discovers she is expecting a baby.  Joseph is unaware that Mary is still a virgin.

Joseph’s own chastity, his strength of mind, his knowledge of what is good and what will be the result if he returns Mary to her family, does not deter him from doing what he considers is  right, and of the wife he is looking for, when he was committed to returning the Virgin Mary to her parents, aware of what her fate will be and the shame that will befall her family.

(2) And this is when Joseph has his second dream. This is when Joseph receives a message in a dream that he should not return the Virgin Mary to her family

Nevertheless there must have been a  dream preceding the first two dreams. Was there a dream prompting Joseph to present himself as a future husband of the Virgin Mary ?  If there was not a dream preceding the first two dreams how would Joseph become aware of the presence of God in his life?

Joseph could not have been married before. If he was married there may have been children but the Virgin Mary was only to be the mother of Jesus and of no one else.  If Joseph was an old man, he may have had sons more suitable to marry the Virgin Mary.

Yet it is Joseph who comes forward to ask for the hand of the Virgin Mary.

This is speculation. Because we are given little information about the earthly father of Jesus. The man we refer to as ‘The most beloved of all fathers’. We know he was a carpenter, that is all. Later we are given the descent of Joseph from King David.

And when Jesus is a man, he does not ask his earthly father ‘come follow me’. Because Joseph’s duty is to protect the Virgin Mary.