Joseph's Dreams. Joseph's Duties. Joseph's Death.

We believe that the Angel Gabriel appears to the Virgin Mary at the time of the Annunciation providing us with the  words of the ‘Hail Mary’ and the Virgin Mary’s response  (that is excluded from the Hail Mary we Roman Catholics recite when saying the rosary.) We also  believe that  angels do not appear to Joseph.

Joseph receives messages when he dreams.

I refer to Joseph without the title ‘Saint’  aware that the apostles and disciples were martyred soon after the crucifixion yet needing some information about when the procedure for canonisation was set in place.

Joseph the apostles and disciples were not canonised following the martyrdom of the apostles and disciples after the crucifixion.  T he procedure for canonisation did not exist during that period.

The formal procedure for canonisation was set up in  1234 by  Pope Gregory 1X .

When Joseph dreams he never doubts nor questions the messages in his dreams. He obeys and acts as instructed in the dream.

What motivates Joseph to present himself for  the hand of the Virgin Mary? Did Joseph receive a message in a dream?

There are two dreams that the gospel writers provide Roman Catholics with
1. In the first dream Joseph is asked not to return the Virgin Mary to her parents 
when he discovers her pregnancy. 
2. In the second dream immediately after the departure of the three kings from the East who bring gold, 
frankincense and myrrh, Joseph is instructed in a dream to take the Virgin and the new born infant and 
flee from Israel to Egypt to protect the infant from the Slaughter of Innocents that Herod has ordered.
The distance the Holy Family travel from Israel to Egypt, is vast. They have to cross a desert. 
But they have received gold, frankincense and myrrh. And it is possible that these gifts from the
three kings from the east were used to fund their journey.
In Egypt the Holy Family are refugees. They are exiles. They are Jews. 

Joseph is a carpenter. Does Joseph continue his work as a carpenter? Or is the Holy Family reduced 
to begging for food? 

In the Virgin Mary's seven sorrows, she promises the grace of generosity especially to the poor to those who contemplate her seven sorrows. 
The flight into Egypt is one of the seven sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She leaves family, friends, 
neighbours, and community to go into exile. 

When the joyful mysteries of the rosary is recited, the focus is not on the sorrowful mysteries that the 
Blessed Virgin Mary endured. 

Preceding the joyful mysteries, there are the sorrowful mysteries of 
the Blessed Virgin Mary.

When did the Holy Family make their exodus from Egypt and return to Israel?

Within that time the child Jesus is lost in the temple. Their loss is a source of anxiety to  Mary and Joseph. They interrupt their journey and

return to search for the child. He  is  discovered speaking to the Jewish elders. The finding of the child is joyful. The loss is a source of sorrow and anxiety.