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Josephs Obedience

Joseph’s Obedience We know the narrative.  After the departure of the three Magi who visit the stable in Bethlehem  with Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh,  Joseph takes Mary and the new born infant and flee from Israel across a desert to Egypt.  But how do we read the unreadable subtext? How is an event that occurred two thousand years ago juxtaposed … Continue Reading »

Flight into Egypt

Joseph’s Flight into Egypt   Immigration conjures up several concepts to people across Europe and the United Kingdom. Fear, anger, hostility and resentment towards migrant workers and immigrants. To politicians it might suggest loss of a seat in parliament if they do not control immigration. To Roman Catholics in the United Kingdom and in other Roman Catholic countries in … Continue Reading »

Flu Jab

Every year people around the country receive what is commonly called the flu jab which is an injection to provide them with protection from Influenza over the winter months. The Influenza injection is given in the upper left arm after the arm is cleansed with cotton wool.  The patient expects the Influenza injection will introduce … Continue Reading »

Windrush Generation 10

Windrush Generation 10 How to Proceed © Agnes Sam 2018 Heslington York North Yorkshire www.agnessam.com REFLECTION Windrush 10 is a difficult one. It requires solitude and silence, honesty and truthfulness.   Do not write. Do not speak to anyone. Simply think about the questions that follow. These are not trick questions. Although I have no concept … Continue Reading »

Wind Rush Generation 9

Wind Rush Generation 9 How to Proceed ©Agnes Sam 2018 Heslington, York, North Yorkshire www.agnessam.com ORAL HISTORIES Given the distress and stress already  endured by the  Wind Rush Generation, together with the length of time the investigation may last before it is resolved, it is possible that some individuals may not survive. That is the reason it is imperative for you to … Continue Reading »

Wind Rush Generation 8

Wind Rush Generation 8 How to Proceed © Agnes Sam 2018 HANSARD Before the Wind Rush Generation landed in the United Kingdom, their arrival was debated in the House of Commons and the House of Lords.  The debates will be recorded in Hansard. If you refer to Hansard it will indicate who recommended the invitation be extended to the Caribbean people. Was … Continue Reading »


Windrush Generation (1)  How to Proceed © Agnes Sam 2018 Heslington Village, York, North Yorkshire. www.agnessam.com   MY MOTIVATION I was watching the news and knew nothing about Wind Rush when I heard individuals say they  felt suicidal. This expression, their distress and that of others affected me deeply. It motivated me to write this … Continue Reading »

Windrush Generation 7

Wind Rush 7 How to Proceed © Agnes Sam 2018 Heslingon (Village), York, YO10 5EL www.agnessam.com Wind Rush 5, 6, and 7 are connected because they relate to rituals in the religion you may be a participant in. Wind Rush 5 related to your Baptism, if you were baptised. Wind Rush 6 related to your … Continue Reading »

Wind Rush Generation 7

Wind Rush Generation 7 How to Proceed © Agnes Sam 2018 Heslingon (Village), York, YO10 5EL www.agnessam.com     Wind Rush 7 relates to Death. When there was a Death in your family, there may have been a Requiem Mass if you are a Roman Catholic. The Church may have a register of Requiem Masses said … Continue Reading »

Wind Rush Generation

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