When the creed is said during holy mass, at baptism by godparents of a baby or by adults, it includes a reference to the resurrection. This reference, is however, not a reference to the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday. The resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday is accepted by all Christians.

The reference is, however, a reference to our resurrection.

Prior to the changes made in the Roman Catholic church, with the Vatican converences when the church was attempting to reunite all Christians, Roman Catholics were forbidden to cremate the dead.

Cremation of the dead conflicts with the Roman Catholic belief that the body and soul of the Roman Catholic would resurrect after death.

With a cremated body, the soul would be unable to reunite with the body after the death of the cremated Catholic.

It has now, however, become acceptable for Roman Catholics to accept cremation after death.

Roman Catholics should consider the cremation after the death of a Catholic.

There is an aspect here that is difficult to explain.

Jesus is Divine. Jesus waited three days before he resurrected from the dead. Of course Jesus was fullfilling the scriptures. But if Jesus willed it he could have resurrected on Good Friday, or on Holy Saturday.

But Jesus waited three days.

Are we aware of what occurred during those three days while Jesus was in the Holy Sepulcure?

We say simply ‘On the third day He rose from the dead’.

Something Divine occurred during the three days before Jesus rose from the dead.

We are not divine like Jesus is.

We have to wait for a longer period of time , perhaps a week, a fortnight, a month for the same process to occur after our death.

There are three creeds in the Roman Catholic faith:

  1. The Apostles Creed.
  2. The Nicene Creed