Self Inspection?

Should a learner driver  test himself and issue his own  driving licence? Should anyone  licence himself as a pilot? Should a medical student test himself then be allowed to practise as a doctor? I should think not.  ‘Self Inspection’ would never be permitted in medicine, nursing, teaching, driving, flying, in any category of work.

So why are certain categories of builders allowed to ‘Self Inspect’ their work? Then sign the papers  and pass the work as competent, correctly done, properly executed, without someone else checking that this is so?

Being called ‘A Competent Person’ should not be a ticket to ‘Self Inspect’ your work especially when you are working in the home of someone else, or if someone else is going to rent a place where you are doing the work. ‘Self Inspection’  in the building trade is dangerous.

This aspect of building work must be reviewed for the safety and protection of people living in rented accommodation and homeowners up and down the country where we are at risk from work ‘Self Inspected’ by certain categories of builders.