Time during the Passion of Jesus Christ (2)

copyright Agnes Sam 2018

 The time of three days from the Crucifixion on Good Friday to the Resurrection on Easter Sunday are words from the mouth of Jesus Christ. And it is fulfilled.

As for the steps following during the Stations of the Cross there is no information about time.

  1. From the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus was betrayed by a kiss, to the prison where Jesus was held until He was scourged at the pillar, what time elapsed? There is  no given time.
  2. From the Scourging at the pillar until Jesus was crowned with thorns what time elapsed? There is no time given.
  3. What time elapsed from the crowning of thorns until Jesus was made to  carry His Cross? There is no time given.
  4. Only pilgrims who take the path Jesus followed to Calvary know the time it took Jesus to reach the place where He would be nailed to the Cross. And those who witnessed Jesus carrying His cross know how long it took.