Time during the Passion of Jesus Christ

Copyright Agnes Sam 2018

There is only one element of time during the Passion of Jesus Christ that every Christian believes. i.e. that three days elapsed between the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ on the cross on Good Friday and his Resurrection from the dead three days later on Easter Sunday. Three days.  The days leading up to Good Friday will reflect their melancholia at the memory of the sweating of blood; the bloody Scourging; the horrific thorns thrust over His crown and His forehead; carrying the wooden Cross; and the excruciating pain of nails driven through His nerves when He was nailed to the Cross. To wait three days; to hear church bells ringing; to hear Christians the world over proclaiming – He lives. – He is alive. – He has risen from the dead.  He said he would rise on the third day. This is the only time during the Passion of Jesus Christ that Christians are certain of.  Three days.