Transport during the Passion of Jesus Christ

copyright Agnes Sam 2018

Christians know the only Time that is of significance to their faith from the Crucifixion on Good Friday to the Resurrection on Easter Sunday. That Time is three days. And the three days are from the mouth of Jesus Christ.

The Time between significant events in the Passion of Jesus Christ when He is taken from Gethsemane to carrying  His cross is not on record. There is no information about how long Jesus waits to be scourged; how long after being scourged He is crowned with thorns; and how long He waits to begin carrying His cross.

When  the body of Jesus Christ is on the cross it is called the crucifix. When the body of Jesus Christ is not on the cross it is called the cross.

How is Jesus Christ taken from Gethsemane to the place where He is scourged, then crowned with thorns and is finally given HIs cross to carry? How does Jesus Christ move from Herod to Pilate? There is no information about this.

Is Jesus transported in a chariot? Is He given a horse? A donkey or a mule? Or does He walk behind his captors? Does the whipping of Jesus begin during this movement from Gethsemane?