Wind Rush Generation (6)

How to Proceed

© Agnes Sam 2018

Heslington Village, York, North Yorkshire

Wind Rush 6 relates to Marriage whether Christian, Civil Marriage, Hindu,  Jewish  or Muslim , or other religious denominations.

While writing this I was reminded of a priest informing me that while he left someone exploring one of the archive registers, on his return the person had disappeared with the entire register.

I ask you please do not tear pages from these registers, nor walk off with the documents that the churches have preserved and will continue to do. Future generations may be desperate for information, just as you are at this moment in time. You may ask if the keepers of the Register will photocopy a page for you. And give a donation if you are able to.

The Marriage Register may contain information about your own marriage. The names you are searching for are the people who were part of your retinue: e.g. bridesmaids, grooms men, flower girls, etc. Neighbours may have been invited guests. So would colleagues from work and people who were members of the congregation in the church you belonged to. Think outside the box. Who signed the Register as witnesses? Who performed the ceremony? If yours was a Civil Marriage, you will search for the same information where these registers are kept.

I understand that the Methodist Church may have some online information but I have not verified this, and it may apply to the Methodist Church in other countries. You may search online for the Methodist Church and see if you are able to locate anything positive.

Remember – Keep the Faith.