Wind Rush 7

How to Proceed

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Wind Rush 5, 6, and 7 are connected because they relate to rituals in the religion you may be a participant in. Wind Rush 5 related to your Baptism, if you were baptised. Wind Rush 6 related to your Marriage, in the church, Registry office, or other religious group where it took place. Wind Rush 7 relates to Death.

When there was a Death in your family, there may have been a Requiem Mass if you are a Roman Catholic. The Church may have a register of Requiem Masses said during that time. It may have the names of priest and altar servers. There may have been a Memorial Service before the funeral. At the Memorial Service there may have been a leaflet printed with information about your deceased relative. It may contain the name of funeral directors, the pastor or priest, pall bearers, the bereaved family, floral tributes and cards attached. Collect all the information you can from the Memorial Service and the funeral.

There may be information at the Crematorium if your relative was cremated. It may indicate where the casket containing the ashes of your relative was placed. This research may cause you pain and you do not have to follow this route if this is the case. If you do collect this information place it in a notebook for yourself. There are good people who will assist you through this aspect of your research.

It is your right to receive information pertaining to your deceased relatives. Therefore, your visits to the religious places, the place where the Memorial Service was held, the Crematorium, and the Cemetery whichever is relevant to you, may actually strengthen you.

‘Veritas Vos Liberabit’ – The Truth Will Make You Free.