Windrush Generation (1)

 How to Proceed

© Agnes Sam 2018

Heslington Village, York, North Yorkshire.



I was watching the news and knew nothing about Wind Rush when I heard individuals say they  felt suicidal. This expression, their distress and that of others affected me deeply. It motivated me to write this and posts that will follow. My aim is to help individuals establish their presence in this country while waiting for assistance.

Rest assured that I am not acting on behalf of any political party, organisation or group. Nor am I an agent working for someone.


My Procedure will appear on my website:  The information is FREE to read and follow if you choose to.  At present there are seven procedures I posted.  If one process does not suit your purpose, or if there are obstacles in your path, that you cannot circumvent, just proceed to the next post.


Your presence in the United Kingdom confirms your right to become British Citizens in the United Kingdom. I stress ‘in the United Kingdom’ because there are thousands of British citizens in former British colonies, who chose to remain in their countries after independence from Britain. You came to the United Kingdom to live and work here and have lived here for generations. There is information in post two that should boost your confidence.


  1. Your Landing Cards were destroyed.
  2. Your British Prime Minister has apologised.

Historians and politicians will argue for generations about who was responsible for destroying your Landing Cards and what the motivation was. Given that Britain is renowned throughout the world for preserving manuscripts, mummified bodies, skeletons of humans and dinosaurs, and items from other countries, for Britain to destroy the Landing Cards of thousands of people is puzzling since it is now crucial. The destruction of Landing Cards has resulted in the inability of Windrush Generation to prove they landed here and lived here.



There is a government website that gives detailed information about British Citizenship. I found it very complex. A lawyer will be qualified to read.

My understanding is that there are two ways in which you remain a British Citizen in the United Kingdom:

(a) You are Naturalised if you lived here for a period of time.

(b) You may be Registered: if your parents were British and registered your birth.


Some individuals have been issued with British passports. This is an important document. You should establish on what basis your passport was issued to you. Were you Naturalised or Registered?  Keep in mind that a passport may be lost, stolen, destroyed, or even withdrawn.


Therefore, you have two responsibilities:

(i) Your first responsibility is to yourself. If the Home Office has not already done so, you need to establish if you were Naturalised or Registered. Write to them and ask for the relevant Certificate of Naturalisation or Registration.

You will receive the relevant Certificate. The Certificate is more important than the passport.

Make a note of the details on your Certificate. i.e. the number, date of issue, and if there are any details you should correct.

Take the certificate to a Magistrate. Ask the clerk to photocopy it and the Magistrate to verify that it is a true copy. Keep the original and the copy separate.

Parents who were naturalised, will have Registered you children. Ask the Home Office for a Certificate of Registration.

(ii) Your second responsibility is to Register each child you may now have. The Home Office will issue a separate Registration Certificate for each child you register.

You should follow the same procedure of taking each Certificate  to a Magistrate, have the clerk photocopy and the Magistrate verify that it is a true copy.


Without a Landing Card or status of Naturalisation or Registration there are other ways to establish your presence here.

Do not lose Hope.